Event House Rules

House DMs: @MasterSteve74@Melly36@Lu_the_kitten, Toby (the sensitive soul pupper)

House Brats: @Melly36@Lu_the_Kitten@PetiteIvy98@Nymerian_, Neo (the hyperactive pupper)

House Safe Words: Green (OK – Keep Going), Yellow (Slow Down – Rest), Red (Stop – End Scene), Blue (Medical Rest), Black (Emergency Stop – Medical Assistance Required)

UPDATED 25/11/2020

The following house rules are in effect for all events and guests to the Kitten’s Lair. Anyone making use of Kitten’s Lair regardless of the activity MUST accept these rules. House DMs will enforce rules and call RED or Black safe words to end a scene they deem to be unsafe if the scene Top does not do so after being told.

  • Age Restrictions – Only adults 18+ may attend our events or use our equipment. No ID or proof of underage when requested will result in immediate removal from the premises. Anyone bringing an underage person to our events will also be removed and prevented from attending future events. Authorities may be called to deal with the matter in serious circumstances or where we feel the underage person is at risk of further inappropriate actions. There is no place in our lifestyle or community for underage person’s. There is absolutely no exception to this rule.
  • Be Respectful In Conversation – We try to be all inclusive however please be mindful about forcing your personal, political, religious or other potentially contentious views down other people’s throats. This can make people uncomfortable and you may be asked to leave. You potentially do not know the status and/or feelings of those around you.
  • Use Equipment At Own Risk – Whilst we take every opportunity to make sure we provide a safe and friendly space to use, every person regardless of how you identify or which side of the slash you fall on, must satisfy themselves with the safety of the equipment before use.
  • Do Not Play Beyond Your Skills And Appropriate Gear Unless Supervised By Someone With The Appropriate Skills – We want this as a safe play space and to make sure everyone in it is a) playing safely and b) treated safely. Playing beyond your skills is risky and dangerous!!!
  • Edge Play – Defined as anything involving sharp objects (knives, needles, etc) or risky play (neck rope, CNC play, medical play, etc) that could be considered dangerous or has the potential to result in blood, serious injury or death should not take place unless previously discussed and approved by a DM who will watch and monitor the scene or delegate someone who has adequate experience and is willing to monitor the scene entirely. Unless the scene is being monitored by the designated monitor regardless of permission previously given, the scene will not take place. If you are unsure if your scene is considered edge play, please ask a DM before starting.
  • Yes Means Yes – Consent Is Important – Consent is taken very seriously at Kitten’s Lair and violation of consent will not be tolerated. Unless you have a firm YES for consent, then its not consensual.
  • Take Responsibility – Own It – This is in conjunction to the above consent rule and probably shouldn’t need to be said. Not everyone will have the same level of consent. Some will expect it to be asked for every interaction. Please make sure you explain your consent levels to each person you interact with. Someone new might not know and consent in the vanilla world is not always as stringent as it is in the kink world.
  • Red Means Stop – Regardless of play, the house safe word is RED to stop play. It does not matter what your dynamic is or what rules you play by else where, at Kitten’s Lair, you stop play immediately and commence aftercare if RED is called. You may only quickly untying/freeing a bottom, safely remove wax, provide aftercare and first aid as needed and requesting assistance when required.
  • Blue Means Medical Safe Word – This is to be considered similar to Yellow but with more urgency as either the Top or bottom may require a rest for medical reasons including but not limited to checking possible injuries that may have occurred, asthma relief, excessive coughing, anxiety or panic attack, etc.
  • Black Is The House Emergency Safe Word – If Black is ever called for an emergency, anyone not required or associated with the scene it is called in is requested to leave the immediate area so that every effort can be made to ensure the safety and well being of the person(s) who require it.
  • Respect Scenes and Interactions – Its highly important not to interrupt a scene in progress. This includes also during clean up unless you are given the ok to interrupt and during aftercare. The same goes for interactions occurring between others. Unless you are invited to join or spoken to by someone within the scene or interaction at the time, please just feel free to watch and give them some space.
  • Do Not Enter The Cube During Play – The Cube is a play space and can handle up to a couple of scenes at once depending on what is happening. The boundaries of which will be the edge of the Cube floor. Please do not enter the Cube while a scene is in progress. You may if necessary to quickly retrieve rope or cut across a corner if you are unable to maneuver outside of the space due to restrictions but please make sure the scene participants are aware you are there and have given you permission to do so without interrupting them too much.
  • No High Heel Shoes, Food Or Drinks On The Mats Please! – We want to look after and make sure that our equipment is in good order.
  • Cover Surfaces If Doing Wax – See above rule. While we appreciate that this kind of play will enhance the scene and have no issues with it being carried out, please let us know before hand so that appropriate covers can be placed over the surfaces, mats, etc to protect against unwanted marking and making the play surface unsafe for you and others.
  • No Sex Play or Wet Play – All events held by Kittens Lair do not permit sex play or wet play for the comfort and safety of all guests. Sex play is defined as sexual penetration of any person by another person or object including excessive sexual arousal beyond what has been approved of in the scene and excessive kissing and touching. Wet Play is defined as any play involving liquid other than water (i.e. bodily fluids, blood, non-water substances, etc). If you are uncertain if the level of play you are wanting to engage in is accepted, please ask first before starting your scene.
  • Lighting – Lights are on for safety. In the event you need to switch off a main light for the purposes of using a black light for candle wax or rope play, etc, please make sure anyone else in the room is aware of what you are doing and give them time to prepare. The same when turning lights back on as we don’t want to blind anyone.
  • Clean Play Surfaces And Equipment After Use – Please respect others both in health and safety by cleaning down any surfaces and equipment used during play before play and after finishing. Where possible, please supply and use your own toys and equipment in scenes and ensure these are cleaned before and after use.
  • No C Bombing – Whilst we appreciate that people will use this word frequently in their own language and speech, we strongly ask that it not be used in the venue or around members of the Kittens Lair house.
  • No Smoking or Drugs In The Venue – If you wish to smoke, please take it outside. We provide a cigarette bucket for clean disposal of butts. Drugs of any form unless part of a prescription MUST NOT be used on the premises either inside or outside (exceptions are made under very strict circumstances).
  • Alcohol Consumption – We strongly recommend not consuming alcohol if you are being involved in a scene however it is permitted as long as it is in moderation and not deemed to be excessive or result in you being problematic. All alcohol must be consumed outside in the smoking area and bottles/cans disposed of upon completion.
  • If In Doubt Or Have Questions, Please Ask Master Steve (@MasterSteve74), Melly (@Melly36) or Lu (@Lu_the_kitten) – We just want everyone to enjoy their time here and we are more than happy to answer any question or settle any doubts you may have.
  • **In the event of any issues with equipment, facilities, consent breaches, etc, please advise Master Steve, Melly or Lu as soon as possible and also please in the case of consent breaches try to approach those involved and resolve the matter as soon as possible if at all possible. The longer issues are left the harder they are to manage and help bring about a satisfactory resolution for all concerned.
  • Breaches Of Rules – Breaches will be dealt with promptly whenever they are brought to the attention of Master Steve, Melly or Lu. The consequences of such breaches can vary from re-explanation of the rule(s) breached and mediation between those affected to removal from the venue and possible action from authorities.