So Many New Products Currently Being Added

They say that constant change is a sign of progress and from an online store point of view, that means constantly adding new products as well. So here is just a list of everything we have added in the past couple of months and we are still adding to it.


Yes we have just started adding these in and there is still dozens still to be added to the website. 
We have 40cm and 80cm varieties in a range of colours with and without plugs and different size plugs.
Don’t worry if you can’t find something, we do have plans to keep adding more although there maybe some we just can’t get our hands on.


We have added a few new collars.
These new ones have lace with a ribbon backing, lobster clips and chains for adjustments.
Check them out as they are really something special.


They have been on the list of products we planned to add from the very beginning and now we have them. 
So many designs and we are adding more as well as allowing for custom requests.
Worried about the pacifier falling on the ground? We have a number of pacifier clips available to help keep it safe and attached.


We are very pleased to announce the addition of the Sweet ‘n’ Sexy Blindfolds. 
These are just the first of many products we will be listing in conjunction with our sister business Sweet ‘n’ Sexy (website coming soon).


There is now themed rope available in the website. 
These include a range of Pride rope themed to include the colours as best as possible from the various Pride flags.
Also available is rope themed to the Harry Potter Hogwarts house colours.
Which house is yours or maybe you want to tie up that Gryffindor in some Slytherin rope?


Starting with some nice whippy, stingy and thuddy rope floggers, these are made out of the same rope we use for tying and suspensions.
A choice of handles from basic silicon in a variety of colours to sturdy rubber handles with aluminium ends.
Many more flogger ideas and colours coming soon!


Well we don’t actually sell these directly, however we do provide a link to a business run by one of our good friends and someone who we recommend for supplying good  quality candles and massage oils.
If you see us at markets selling these, its because we are helping out and making sure that we have a complimentary product we recommend and use ourselves that goes with our own products.

RoseDeMore Rope in Kittens Lair Rope Classes

Due to popular request, we have arranged with RoseDeMore Rope to run some beginners and intermediate rope classes twice a month on a Tuesday night.

Each month there will be a Beginners Class and an Intermediate Class starting with the first Beginners Class on Tuesday 23rd June.

Visit Our Classes, Events & Markets Page For Class Dates and Ticket Booking Links


  • Small class sizes capped at five(5) riggers including self-tying riggers
  • Basic knowledge of single column tie is preferred but not essential
  • Refreshments and nibbles provided – coffee/tea, water, soft drink, biscuits, lollies, party pies and sausage rolls, etc
  • House Rope and safety gear available for use if you don’t have your own
  • Class notes provided to attendees
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class
  • Full address provided on confirmation of ticket purchase (please watch your emails and check your junk emails if you do not receive a confirmation otherwise please contact us as soon as possible so we can investigate and confirm your purchase)

If you are self-tying, please use the following discount code at checkout: NoBunny
(if you decide to bring a rope bunny and you only have a self-tying ticket, you can pay the extra at the door on the night)

New 10m, 15m and 20m Rope Lengths Added

We know there is a need by some talented rope enthusiasts for longer length ropes for those all important asthetics.
After all, who wants to see that knotted join in just the wrong spot of that otherwise very decorative and beautiful tie.

We have now added 10m, 15m and 20m lengths to our Standard Solid Colours, UV Colours and Rainbow Braided Colour ropes.

For any custom colours, please place a custom order for your rope, telling us the length and colour you want
and we will give you a price and custom product link to order from.

Four Seasons Markets

Kittens Lair will have a stall at the Four Seasons Markets held several times throughout the year.

You can find these markets at RAW Studios, Evesham Street, Moorooka. View our Events / Markets page for more details of the upcoming market.

We will have a range of our products including Kitten Ears, bows, hair clips, collars and a selection of rope in varying standard colours and lengths. Customisation services for ears, etc and rope capping services are also available on the day.

We are LIVE!! Welcome to Kittens Lair!

We are now officially live and open for business!

Are you looking for some quality custom made ears to suit your style and personality?

Need a bow to accessorise your outfit?

Maybe you enjoy Rope Art and Kinbaku/Shibari and looking for some coloured rope and safety gear to work with?

Look no further! We have what you need and if its not here we can get it in for you.