Tri-Colour UV Green, White and Ocean Blue 52cm/20″ Rope Flogger

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  • Made from 6mm double braided polyester rope (the same rope we sell for riggers)
  • 52cm or 20″ fall length + 12-16cm for handle
  • 7 falls attached to a matching tri-colour 145mm handle
  • Falls consist of 2 x UV Green, 2 x White and 3 x Ocean Blue
  • Ends can be knotted or knotted and feathered or straight (standard finish)
  • Straight falls produce a heavy thuddy, sting
  • Knotted ends produce a more thuddy feel
  • 3mm Ocean Blue cord loop on handle for hanging and attaching safety strap
  • Rope is hand washable and easy to hang dry on a line with a simple hook

Additional Info

* Colours are representative only and may vary due to the batch, dying and washing processes. Individual floggers may have shade variances if ordered separately. Some colour fading may occur over time with exposure to direct sunlight, washing, drying and normal wear and tear.

** Never allow product to come in contact with sharp edges. Neither Kittens Lair nor its suppliers will in any circumstances be liable for any damages arising out of the improper use of the product.

Delivery Info

All floggers are made to order. Every effort is made to process orders as quickly as possible to the highest standard.

Colours shown in the image are representative only and may not be the exact colours or sequence used when the rope and handles are made.


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