Safe House and Acceptance Policy

As those who come to visit us and especially our dearest and closest friends who we consider to be like family, we have worked tirelessly to make our home a safe haven and friendly atmosphere. Kittens Lair is open to all genders, sexual orientations, race, beliefs and so on provided it is not forced on any other guest or house member in attendance. We are proud to say we are a 100% LGBTIQA+ friendly venue. So we thought it would be necessary to clarify our Safe House and Acceptance Policy.

We welcome anyone to our house who does not harbor any malicious intent, grief towards our guests, family and friends and has not caused unacceptable behaviour within our community and lifestyle.

We do accept that people can learn to accept responsibility and own their actions and once this has been shown through apologies and actions of redemption, they may apply for re-entry to the house. This is not automatically given however as we need to also consider the well being and needs of our guests, family and friends who consider our home safe. As such, if we feel that a person’s presence would impact on another who has not caused any issues, they will not be permitted entry to Kittens Lair at least while the other person is present.

If we have issued a ban against someone, that ban is indefinite and any attempt to breach that ban by the individual(s) in question will be treated seriously with severe consequences. Only Master Steve, Melly and Lu can lift a ban and this may still come with strict restrictions.

Kittens Lair is a safe place for all who respect our rules, our family, our friends and our home. We know that not everyone will get along all the time and when we know about a situation or issue, we promise to manage it as best as possible to the best of our abilities.

For those who come to our house seeking protection and a safe place, we promise to do our best to give that provided our rules, family, friends, pet’s and home are respected at all times both while in the house and outside of it.