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Terms & Conditions of Gift Cards

  • Gift Cards whether Printed or virtual/eGift cards are valid for 3 years from date of purchase unless otherwise stated in accordance with Australian law.
  • All gift cards will have a valid expiry date shown on the card and/or associated email/letter supplied with the card.
  • Any unused value at time of expiry will not be refunded or credited. We allow for a new gift card to be purchased using the remaining value of your existing card provided the existing card’s expiry date is not yet passed.
  • Gift cards can only be redeemed at Kittens Lair via this website or in person at markets, events or by arranged meeting. The gift card is not redeemable for cash and cannot be used at other stores.
  • Gift cards maybe transferred to another party provided they are aware of the remaining value. Please advise Kittens Lair of the new contact in case they need to replace the card for any reason.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged cards maybe replaced with a new card provided there is value remaining on the card (no additional funds will be added to the card’s remaining value on replacement) and the card is still valid. A nominal amount will be charged for the reissuing of a Printed Gift Card due to the physical cost, labour time and postage cost associated with reissuing the card. Replacement cards can be requested through the Gift Cards section of this website.
  • Printed Gift Cards reported as lost, stolen or damaged must be at least partially traceable by way of at least 4 consecutive numbers/letters on the card, the expiry date and / or the registered contact email associated with the card. This is to prevent fraud as well as prevent false reports of theft where a Gift Card has been gifted to another party. Please note that only genuinely stolen cards will be replaced (i.e. you cannot gift a Printed Gift Card to someone and then decide that you no longer want them to have that card if they have already partially used the value on the card). Depending on the value of the genuinely stolen Printed Gift Card, you may wish to report it to the appropriate authorities. Kittens Lair will not be liable for any loss of card value or for any products supplied through the use of a valid gift card prior to the card being reported as stolen to Kittens Lair management.
  • Card value and expiry date will remain the same as the lost or damaged card. An extension maybe issued at the discretion of Kittens Lair for soon to expire Printed Gift Cards being replaced to allow for additional time to be delivered.
  • A new card number will be issued for lost and / or stolen cards.
  • A Gift Card can only be reissued if it was originally purchased by you or you gifted it to someone and the card is still listed as a valid card (i.e. the expiry date has not passed or the card has not been removed from our systems). The original purchaser (if a recorded email contact is given) will be contacted for any cards reported as stolen and the requesting party is not the original purchaser or listed email contact for the Gift Card.
  • In the event that a Gift Card does not have a contact for an original purchaser recorded (i.e. not purchased online and no recorded email contact is given), it will be reprinted for the requesting party and sent to the delivery address on the order.
  • In the event a Gift Card requiring replacement can not be traced to an originally supplied card that has not expired, Kittens Lair reserves the right to cancel the replacement purchase with the original card being forfeited. We therefore recommend making a record of the card number and expiry date in a safe and secure location.
  • A Gift Card is posted to you upon confirmation of order and payment (please allow postage time for delivery). eGift Cards are sent via email upon confirmation of order and payment or at the selected scheduled date selected during eGift Card selection.
  • Gift Cards may be sent separately to other items in the order to minimize delivery time.
  • No requirement to have a profile, as all Gift Cards are not linked directly to a specific account.
  • 3 Year expiry date from date of original purchase as per Australian law for minimum gift card expiry dates
  • Gift cards can be used for any purchases and delivery costs at Kittens Lair either online or in person (balance adjusted on use).
  • Gift cards are not reloadable however the remaining value maybe transferred or used to purchase a new gift card.
  • Discount coupons do not apply to purchase of gift cards however will still apply to other items in your cart.