Ways To Pay

We want to make it easy for you to buy from us. With that in mind, we offer a number of ways for you to pay for your order with no extra surcharges or fees to be incured.

Our current methods of payment are:

Debit / Credit Card through our Square payment gateway

All payments are handled by Square and we do not keep any card details on our website or servers. You have the option of storing your card details for future use and these will be kept secure at the payment gateway only and accessible only via a secure token that works between our website and Square.


We accept Afterpay as a method of paying for your order. Afterpay Terms and Conditions do apply. For more information, click here.

Bank Transfer / EFT

You can opt to pay your order directly from your bank account using Internet Banking or by visiting our bank and making a direct deposit. Some banks will allow you to do the transfer in the branch where your account is held. Just use the details provided below and your Invoice / Order Number as a reference so we can link your payment to the correct order. If you are paying for more than one order with a single payment, list all of the Invoice / Order Numbers or send us a copy of the payment confirmation along with a list of the order numbers so that we can make sure we have them all marked as paid. Please note we will not ship your order until we have clear funds in our bank account however you can send us a copy of the payment confirmation and we can being processing our order to minimise time while we wait for the funds to show as cleared in our account.

Account Name Kittens Lair
Bank Name Suncorp
BSB # 484 799
Account # 607501269
Reference # Your Invoice / Order #


We will only accept cash payments when we are attending markets and events where we are selling products. We will only be holding a small cash float at these times for security and as such our ability to give change is limited. You can also use EFTPos (chip / tap only), Debit / Credit Cards and Contactless payment methods (see below) as payment when we are at the markets and events.


Due to the way we handle our Debit / Credit Card payments through Square, we are also able to offer EFTPos (chip / tap only) as a payment option at market and events.

Apple Pay / Google Pay / Other Contactless Payment Devices

Our Square payment gateway combined with our Square Tap-and-Go Card Reader allows us to accept payment from Apple Pay, Google Pay and other contactless smartphones and watches. Just tap the card reader when requested with your device and you are done.